The OkCupid Feel Good Tent Brought Indie Music Fans Closer with Polaroid Experiment


Smoking. Long toes. Being an “improv dude.” No, these aren’t attributes of your college sweetheart — they’re just a small sample of the hundreds of dating deal breakers Pitchfork Music Festival goers shared at the OkCupid Feel Good Tent last weekend at Chicago’s Union Park.

Pitchfork Music Festival, a branch of the quintessential indie music blog Pitchfork, is a no-frills festival for up-and-coming artists and musicians — truly making it the best festival to see a band before they make it big. This year, LCD Soundsystem, Solange and A Tribe Called Quest graced the main stage, and knockout performances came from Francis and the Lights, Vince Staples and Cherry Glazerr as well. That’s why OkCupid decided to plant our Feel Good Tent right in the middle of it all — so people could make connections over music, and the greater festival experience. And we made connections in ways we could never never anticipated.

The booth featured five boards with prompts at the top: Deal Breakers, Deal Makers, Hit Me Up If, You’ll Find Me Front Row At, and I Can’t Live Without. Passersby took polaroids, and then posted them on the board of their choice, along with an answer to the prompt — creating one large dating profile of, well, the collective Pitchfork attendees.

And that’s where the magic happened — people not only posted honest answers to the prompts, but added their social handles for a more personal connection. Plus, in true OkCupid fashion, the satire was endless (thank you EATS ASS guy).

We also ran into people who had OkCupid Stories, like Joe and Kasey below, who met on OkCupid in 2011 and are getting married at a summer camp in Wisconsin later this year.

OkCupid couple Joe and Kasey, who met on OkCupid in 2011.

All in all, we couldn’t have asked for a better weekend. If we could take away one thing, it’s that wearing your dating deal breakers and deal makers on your sleeve can only help in your quest to find a connection. Even if it is eating ass.

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