Oysters and dark chocolate aside, what else puts people in the mood?


Common aphrodisiacs and turn-on techniques aren’t hard to name: oysters, dark chocolate, sensual massages by candlelight to the sweet songs of Kenny Loggins.

But in a world with so many unique, beautiful people who don’t necessarily get off from eating giant sea boogers, there must be more nifty ways to get turned on, and turn someone on, right?

Fortunately, we have plenty of data on what OkCupid members find arousing, from being kissed in the rain to, ahem, well, scroll to the bottom. Here are a few choice turn ons we thought you should know about, courtesy of millions of OkCupid members.

Being Kissed in the Rain

Sure — The Notebook came out 13 years ago (ah, simpler times) — but being kissed in the rain is still very much a point of excitement for a majority of OkCupid members. When asked if being kissed in the rain is a turn on, 92% of people said “yes.” So next time there’s a nice downpour, plant yourself and your date in the middle of an open field with no umbrellas or rain slickers, and let those sparks fly.

92% of OkCupid members consider “being kissed in the rain” to be a turn on.


Being smart has always been sexy — and daters agree, with 70% saying that intelligence is a definite turn on. Maybe that’s why so many babies are born after a fiery game of Risk. Okay, that may not be statistically proven; but it makes you wonder, you know?

Interestingly, 17% of people say that intelligence doesn’t do anything for them, and 4% say it’s a turn off. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

4% of daters say intelligence is a turn off. We hope you’re reaction is the same as Oprah’s.

Being Good At Singing

It’s good measure to have your favorite karaoke song on hand at all times (mine’s “Danny’s Song” by Kenny Loggins), as 62% of OkCupid members said that “being good at singing” is a turn on. Not a moment to spare for karaoke? Next time you’re driving around with your date, turn up the volume (on Kenny Loggins) and try harmonizing with the radio track. Hit the right note and you’re instantly hotter (than Kenny Loggins).

62% of OkCupid members find “being good at singing” to be a turn on.

Martial Arts and Being Mysterious

Here’s a fun one: 35% of people consider martial arts to be a turn on, while 30% say that “being mysterious” lights their fire.

Ponder this: does having both of these qualities make you twice as attractive? We’ll say: watch Kill Bill and the answer will reveal itself, silly rabbit.

Go Kill Bill-style and 30% of daters will be really into it.


Let’s debunk the myth right now: are arrogant people more attractive? According to OkCupid members, nope. Only 15% of people find the quality of arrogance to be a turn on (and let’s be real — 100% of those 15% are probably arrogant as*holes). You can put the egos to bed, self-proclaimed demigods; self-importance gets you nowhere when it comes to love. We’re not sure about hand size, though.

15% of OkCupid members find the quality of arrogance to be attractive.


3% of OkCupid members find feet to be a turn on.

We’ll leave that niche group with this token:

Written by Kelly Cooper.

We know you’re more than a photo and a few lines of text. Check out OkCupid and find your someone who’s ready to kiss you in the rain.

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